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"Roots Falling Into Dreamland"

image courtesy of Susan Cohen Thompson ©

Having support and guidance can be essential.  As human beings, we are part of an interdependent web of life, and benefit when we receive the perspective, and care of someone whose purpose, training, and focus is to attend to our own particular needs.  It is with such intent to provide professional accompaniment that I offer psychotherapeutic services for individual adults and teens.


Theoretical Grounding

In addition to the wisdom of ancient thinkers, and discoveries through the ages, from cultures around the earth, the contributions of Carl Jung, object relations theorists, developmental theorists, and recent neuroscientists have influenced my understanding of the human psyche.


To tap into deep roots, to increase conscious awareness of what the unconscious holds, there are a variety of approaches that we may use, depending on a person's wishes, goals, and needs. 


For example, neuroscience has demonstrated that traumatic events affect how our brains, and our bodies function, and may imprint deeply embedded memories which elude consciousness. Through dreamwork, and sandplay for example, we may access the unconscious. Mindfulness practice may help increase a person’s tolerance for difficult feelings, thus making possible increased conscious awareness of root issues, and strengths.


In addition to working with the unconscious, I believe it is helpful to explore one's family of origin, and key early relationships. There are additional ways in which we may work and play with challenges, for example,  writing, drawing, cognitive, and dramatic exercises.



My job is to facilitate the inner powers of healing and growth that each person possesses. First and foremost, l seek to provide a place and process which allows needed safety for a client to work courageously. It is my belief that messages of the psyche's root distress may announce themselves in various ways, e.g., depression, anxiety, psychosis, relationship difficulties, somatic troubles, work problems, suicidal thoughts.  It is natural that time, our mutual commitment, and my careful attention are needed to build the trust, and strength for this process. 


The frequency of meetings will depend on individual circumstances, typically ranging from several times per week to several times per month. During our first month, I suggest meeting at least once per week.

In working deeply with sensitive, trenchant issues, it can be a  lengthy process. There may be times when a person may feel increased unhappiness, and psychic pain. It is my hope that through the supportive strength of our relationship, a client will bear the discomforts, and savor the immeasurable gains that come through perseverance.

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